Campus and city of Landau.

View from MoMA, New York City.


Building in Vienna w/mailbox (Währinger Straße, 1090 Vienna).


Landscape, single tree, light. Sultanate of Oman.


Landscape with pool in Tuscany, Italy.


Blurry: Empire State Building, NCY.

Clear, light: Empire State Building, NYC.


Cologne Cathedral and mostly blue sky.


Blurry TV in NYC coffee house.


Fragrant. Fresh coffee in NYC coffee house.


Subway station in Berlin w/ snow.


Three donjons in Oman.


Cathedral with no cathedral. (Macau, China).


Hong Kong with Victoria's peak from Kowloon.


Nizwa, Oman.


Hong Kong.


Blurry Wall ST & BROADWAY (NYC).


Fast Lane to Space Needle in Seattle.


Auckland in the mirror (Auckland, New Zealand from Devonport).




Infinity (Tokio, Japan).


Reflections, Washington D.C.

Vines and light. Landau, Pfalz (Germany)