Emily Kubin


PhD candidate






Emily is a PhD student in the Political Psychology & Communication Lab at RPTU Kaiserslautern Landau (at Landau). Emily, originally from the United States, completed her Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Drew University in New Jersey, while there she joined the Moral and Political Psychology Lab, where she found her love for research. She then worked as a lab manager at the Mind Perception and Morality lab under the direction of Kurt Gray at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Emily completed a Research Master’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. She has held research internship positions at the University of Washington, Yale University, and Vrije University. 


Emily Kubin studies political communication. Specifically, she focuses on how political opponents view and interact with one another, and the role media plays in opponents’ perceptions of one another. She places a special focus on studying strategies political opponents (and the media) can use to reduce affective polarization. 


January 15, 2023

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